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Our Earth is one of the planets as is Uranus. planetesimals: small matter formed bits of when joined may have that, together, named for him. another each planet Daniel Titius developed formula that mass: a revolves around our Sun. should be from our Sun. this first planet: one of the bodies that a million million. showed how who we discovered Uranus in 1781. 1,000,000,000. In countries, this astronomer German 1 and Voyager 2 are probes. planets. Voyager 2: the space probe that sent back to Earth valuable information about Uranus.

Julian Baum 1988; 1. NASA; 12, NASA/JPL; 12-13, © David Hardy; 14-15. sy of Spaceweek National Headquarters; 28-29 (all), Sally Bensusen 1987. The 1 © 32 A DISTANT PUZZLE: THE PLANET URANUS An up-to-the-minute examination of Uranus, the first planet to be discovered in modern times. Topics include the recent discovery of a spot on Uranus; the planet's dark moons, rings, and nearly horizontal axis; and an updated darl< Solar System table. Isaac Asimov's New library of the Universe draws upon the wit, clarity of style, enthusiasm, and enormous number of facts about space found in the original editions.

Perhaps the next probe will even carry humans with it! be discovered? When Uranus was first lag. Scientists looked for, named Neptune. seem to follow exactly the law of gravity as it turned around the Sun. It seemed to lag a bit. Perhaps there was another large planet beyond it that had not yet been discovered. The gravitational pull of this more distant planet wdsn allowed found, and for If this were considered, might account for Uranus 's not yet been found. If not, what causes that last bit of lag?

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