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This quantity presents a posteriori errors research for mathematical idealizations in modeling boundary worth difficulties, particularly these coming up in mechanical purposes, and for numerical approximations of various nonlinear variational difficulties. the writer avoids giving the consequences within the such a lot normal, summary shape in order that it's more straightforward for the reader to appreciate extra truly the fundamental rules concerned. Many examples are integrated to teach the usefulness of the derived blunders estimates.

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Note that for d 2 2, an H' (R) function can have discontinuity and so the ordinary finite element interpolation based on the use of pointwise function values is not defined. 1, we review the definition and some error estimates for one generalized finite element interpolation operator defined for H' (0)functions. Chapter 2 ELEMENTS OF CONVEX ANALYSIS, DUALITY THEORY The a posteriori error estimates presented in this work are derived based on the duality theory of convex analysis. The first research monograph specifically devoted to the topic of convex analysis is [136], emphasizing the finitedimensional case.

26. ) implies + f o r a n y u , ~E V andandt E [ O , l ] . Variational inequality formulations of many other contact problems can be found in [94, 811. 8. FINITE ELEMENT METHOD, ERROR ESTIMATES Weak formulations of boundary value problems are the basis for development of Galerkin methods, a general framework for approximation of variational problems, that include the finite element method as a special case. 17) (page 18) again. 17) because the space V is infinite dimensional. 17). Let VN c V be an N-dimensional subspace.

E. on r l ) . 13)is 18 A POSTERIORI ERROR ANALYSIS VIA DUALITY THEORY It is convenient to study the weak formulations of the boundary value problems within a general framework. Let V be a Hilbert space. We introduce the following definition. 15 Let a : V x V -+ R . ) is a bilinear form on V i f it is linear with respect to each argument. We say the bilinear form a ( . ) is V-elliptic ifthere is a constant m > 0 such that and a ( . ) is symmetric if a ( u ,v ) = a ( v ,u ) V u , v E V. For a ( .

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