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So crowded is King’s Landing that it spills over the walls and through the gates, crowding the roads leading from this port to the interior of the Seven Kingdoms for leagues before fading completely into the wilderness. Ships crowd the docks throughout the year, and a din of voices, of laughter and tears, the clash of blades, and the hum of commerce sounds day and night. But as a massive city, it is dirty and stinks of sewage, smoke, and the press of people; those accustomed to the capital swear they can scent the smell of treachery wafting up from its very streets.

BB Street of Seeds: This street leads from the Gate of the Gods, passes by brothels, bakers, alleys, and then passes through Cobbler’s Square before ending at the Red Keep. BB Street of Silk: Located behind Rhaenys’s Hill, the Street of Silk is lined with a wide range (in terms of price and quality) of brothels. Street of Steel Districts The Street of Steel begins at the Fishmonger’s Square fronting the Mud Gate and cuts diagonally across the city to Visenya’s Hill. Home to the city’s smiths and forges, one can find poorer shops near the Mud Gate and better establishments closer to the hill.

Crackclaw Point Crackclaw Point is a peninsula that extends out into the narrow sea. It is a rugged place, a land of bogs and pine forests. The people of Crackclaw Point have traditionally been fiercely independent and even managed to repel the Andal invaders, though it’s known they later mingled with them. At various points throughout history, the Darklyns, Mootons, and Celtigars tried to seize these lands, but each attempt met disaster. Most houses of Cracklaw remain loyal to the Targaryens but have none of that same loyalty for each other.

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