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A Treatise on Angel Magic

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25 BILETH, is a great King and terrible, riding upon a pale horse before whom go trumpets and all kinds of music, appeareth rough and furious, he is of the Order of Powers, hoping to return to the seventh Throne. He ruleth 85 Legions. 26 CIMERIES, a great Marquis and strong, ruling in the parts of Africa. He teaches the Sciences, discovereth treasures hid. 27 CAMUEL, the chief King of the East. 28 CASPIEL, the chiefest Emperor ruling in the South, he hath 200 great Dukes, and 400 lesser Dukes under him.

He turneth metals into Gold, giveth Dignities, and confirmeth them. Speaketh with a clear and subtle voice. 26 Legions are under him. 22 BUER, is a great President, he teaches Philosophy moral and natural, also logic and the virtue of herbs. He giveth the best familiars. He can heal all diseases, ruleth 40 Legions. 23 BUNE, a great Duke appeareth as a Dragon with three heads, the third whereof is like a man. He speaketh with a divine voice. He maketh the dead to change their place, and devils to assemble upon the sepulchres of the dead.

I9 Mebahiah - Thou remainest for ever, 0 Lord, and Thy memorial is from generation to generation. '~1I:l Polial- The Lord raiseth up all who fall and setteth up the broken. 'QQ1. N emamiah - They who fear the THE SCHEMHAMPHORAS 49 Lord have hoped in the Lord, He is their helper and their protector. 58 Et anima mea turbata est val de sed tu Domine usque quo: Lord art here also. l'T Harahel - From the rising of the Sun to the going down of the same, the word of the Lord is worthy to be praised.

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