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The remaining chapters concerning absorption are as follows: . . . . Chapter 3 discusses measuring absorber properties from the microscopic to the macroscopic. Chapter 5 discusses the application, design and theoretical modelling of porous absorbers. Chapter 6 discusses the application, design and theoretical modelling of resonant absorption, especially Helmholtz and membrane devices. Chapter 7 sets out some miscellaneous absorbers, which did not obviously fit into Chapters 5 and 6. Seating in auditoria and absorption from diffusers are considered.

Consequently, there is a lower frequency bound on the applicability of statistical absorption formulations. The lower bound is usually taken to be the Schroeder frequency [8] given by: rffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffi T60 f ! 2000 ð1:8Þ V Although this formal limit has been known for many years, it does not prevent many practitioners and researchers still defining and using absorption coefficients below the Schroeder frequency as it is convenient, even if not strictly physically correct. Geometric models are also used below this limit, although they have difficulties in predicting at frequencies where there is a low modal density where correct modelling of phase is needed.

3 Low frequency response in a small room. 300 Applications and principles of absorbers 13 some frequencies are emphasized, where mode(s) are strong, and some suppressed, where mode(s) are weak, leading to colouration of the received sound. This is most critical for music applications, particularly with the increasingly widespread use of sub-woofer technology and reproduction of modern music with high bass content. Common solutions include choosing appropriate room dimensions, loudspeaker locations and listening positions, to flatten the frequency response of the room as much as possible and avoid degenerate modes [9].

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