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Algebra for college kids, 4th version, is designed to supply scholars with the algebra history wanted for extra college-level arithmetic classes. The unifying subject of this article is the improvement of the talents invaluable for fixing equations and inequalities, by means of the applying of these abilities to fixing utilized difficulties. this article comprises 2 chapters, Polynomial & Rational services, and Counting & likelihood, as well as these present in Dugopolski's Intermediate Algebra.

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See Example 6. 85. (1, 5) ʜ (4, 9) 86. (Ϫ1, 2) ʜ (0, 8) 87. (0, 3) ʝ (2, 8) 71. The set of real numbers between 3 and 4 88. (1, 8) ʝ (2, 10) 89. (Ϫ2, 4) ʜ (0, ϱ) 90. 3 91. (Ϫϱ, 2) ʝ (0, 6) Getting More Involved 92. (3, 6) ʝ (0, ϱ) 105. Writing 93. [2, 5) ʜ (4, 9] 19 Operations on the Set of Real Numbers What is the difference between a rational and an irrational number? Why is ͙9ෆ rational and ͙3ෆ irrational? 94. [Ϫ2, 2] ʜ [2, 6) 95. [2, 6) ʝ [2, 8) 106. Cooperative learning 96. [1, 5] ʝ [2, 9] Work in a small group to make a list of the real numbers of the form ͙n ෆ, where n is a natural number between 1 and 100 inclusive.

Qxd 10/31/07 6:37 PM Page 8 8 1-8 Chapter 1 The Real Numbers 11. C ϭ N 13. A B 15. 99 ʦ N 12. A ϭ N 14. C N 16. 6 ʦ C U2–3V Union and Intersection of Sets Using the sets A, B, C, and N, list the elements in each set. If the set is empty write л. See Examples 2 and 3. A ϭ ͕1, 3, 5, 7, 9} B ϭ {2, 4, 6, 8} C ϭ ͕1, 2, 3, 4, 5͖ N ϭ ͕1, 2, 3, . ͖ 53. D ʝ F 55. E ʜ F 54. D ʜ F 56. E ʝ F 57. (D ʜ E ) ʝ F 58. (D ʜ F) ʝ E 59. D ʜ (E ʝ F) 60. D ʜ (F ʝ E ) 61. (D ʝ F) ʜ (E ʝ F) 62. (D ʝ E) ʜ (F ʝ E) 64. (D ʜ F) ʝ (D ʜ E) 17.

9. 10. The number ␲ is a rational number. The set of rational numbers is a subset of the set of real numbers. Zero is the only number that is a member of both Q and I. The set of real numbers is a subset of the set of irrational numbers. 44444 . . is a rational number. 212112111211112 . . is a rational number. Every irrational number corresponds to a point on the number line. The intervals (2, 6) and (3, 9) both contain the number 6. com! > Practice Problems > NetTutor > Self-Tests > e-Professors > Videos Exercises U Study Tips V • Note how the exercises are keyed to the examples and the examples are keyed to the exercises.

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