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All approximately area is a per month medical journal, focusing totally on cosmological occasions, astronomical information, and astronautical exploration. It used to be first released in June 2012 through the British writer think Publishing.

Inside this issue:

- Explorer's advisor to Venus
- five striking evidence: Magnetars
- Interview: Enceladus' worldwide ocean
- specialise in: LISA Pathfinder
- Why is Mars so popular?
- destiny Tech: area balloon tourism
- turn into an astronomer (part 1)
- outstanding images
- the right way to view Comet Catalina
- What's within the sky?
- Me & My Telescope
- Astronomy gear
- equipment comparison
- Telescope review
- Heroes of house: John Grunsfeld, keeper of the Hubble house Telescope

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7 Blood Moon During a total lunar eclipse, when the shadow of the Earth falls directly over the Moon, the surface can take on a reddish hue. To some people, this is the warning sign of an impending apocalypse. When the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon, some sunlight still strikes the surface, but along the way it has to pass through Earth’s atmosphere. As it collides with the gas and dust particles, some of the light is scattered. Shorter wavelengths at the blue end of the spectrum scatter more, which is why the sky appears blue, and longer wavelengths at the red end of the spectrum scatter less.

In comparison, the Kuiper belt is only around 50 astronomical units. Solar System 54 10 Witch Head Nebula The asteroid belt The asteroid belt is smaller still, beginning at around two astronomical units from the Sun, and ending at around four astronomical units. This wispy outline, with its hooked nose and curved chin, bears a striking resemblance to the profile of a traditional fairy tale villain. It is known as the Witch Head Nebula. The Witch Head Nebula is a reflection nebula, so it does not produce any light of its own, but it is found to the west of the constellation of Orion, next to the blue supergiant star Rigel.

Here, the eclipse starts to become visible as the Moon moves past. 53 Zombie stars 8 Space’s evil eye Fomalhaut is a white dwarf about twice the mass of the Sun, but take a look at this image from the Hubble Space Telescope and you might think that you’re looking straight into the Eye of Sauron from The Lord Of The Rings. Fomalhaut is surrounded by several discs of frozen dust, which are warmed by the star and emit a faint glow of infrared radiation. When the much brighter light of the white dwarf is blocked out (as in the image below), the faint light reveals the stunning detail of the eye-shaped debris.

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