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By William Roy Shelton

Unique historical past of the yankee area software to 1967. 367 pages. Hardcover. Little, Brown and corporate.

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The day after the shoot I landed at our missile ob- Grand Bahama Island, where the commander gave me a tour of the brand-new Van- servation station on base guard tracking talked to two installations. technicians tracked the rocket. Back men invited me to his Returning on the plane, who told first round test a small how just they had Cape Canaveral one of the at home, where for two hours cussed the shoot with his three learned for the me I I dis- Vanguard roommates. I time that the rocket actually carried satellite from metallic measuring been delayed because with antennae improvised tape, that the a ship countdown had was temporarily in the range many other details of the shoot.

Their research rocket the test had been a great success. article was presented They were proud of let the world know But when the resulting and wanted to to the Pentagon for security ance the Pentagon turned thumbs down on it. " blackout gradually reached the point where Vanguard was in actual effect far more any secret than of our rocket weapons. During the next year as further test vehicles lish that — were the test fired, enough leaked through to estab- program was on schedule and — so far successful.

Programmed for ICBM range. after night, a handful of midnight one beautiful November newsmen saw Atlas number 1 5 lift off moon, and barrel like meteor through the stratosphere toward the southeast. the pad, arch serenely over the full a After nearly five minutes of its sustainer engine just Then, at T we could still below the constellation Orion. plus 294 seconds, the tiny star and Atlas was on its first long ride for about twenty-eight minutes its full winked out range. After nose cone streaked near Ascension Island in the South Atlantic sixteen thousand miles per hour.

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