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By Antoine-Joseph Pernety

This can be a hugely advised paintings on alchemy. Althought it does not precisely provide away any "secrets" it is helping clarify a lot of the worldview of the alchemists of historical (and modern!) times.

"Of the technique of Arriving on the mystery the necessities useful which will arrive at this mystery, are: the information of Nature and of one's self. One would possibly not comprehend the 1st completely, or maybe the second one, with no the help of Alchemy. the affection of knowledge, the horror of crime, and of falsehood, ... the organization of the clever, the invocation of the Holy Spirit; to not upload mystery to mystery, to connect one's self in basic terms to 1 factor (because God and Nature appreciate cohesion and simplicity), such are the stipulations priceless for acquiring the divine revelation. guy being the epitome of all Nature, needs to learn how to understand himself because the precis, the miniature of Nature. through his religious half he's allied to all immortal creatures, and via his fabric half, to all that that is brief within the Universe."

- Antoine-Joseph Pernety, who used to be among different issues a Benedictine Monk, and Librarian of Frederick the good, King of Prussia.

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They wander in it, and are set on fire from time to time by their movements and the different shocks which they undergo among themselves. These are the different meteors which we perceive in the middle region. In the lower region, the vapours of the earth rise and mingle. They are condensed by the cold and fall by their own weight. Thus Nature purifies Water to render it fit for her productions. This is why one distinguishes the superior waters from the inferior. The latter are near the earth, they are supported upon it as on their foundation and form only one globe with it.

All cold is contrary to production. When a matter is of this nature, it becomes passive, and is fit for production only as long as it is aided and corrected by an outside force. The Author of Nature, designing the Earth to be the womb of the composites, warms it consequently, continually by the heat of the Celestial and Central Fire, and joins to it the humid nature of Water; so that, aided by the two principles of generation, the warm and the humid, it is not sterile, and becomes the Vase in which are conceived all the generations, (Cosmo.

He furnishes a proof of this, not only by having reasoned as they on this matter, but by the great number of quotations which he has made from them in his Treatise entitled: Fundamenta Chemiœ dogmaticœ et experimentalis. He gives to Mercury the name Dry Water, name which the Hermetic Philosophers give to theirs. Basil Valentin, Philalethes, and several others, are quoted in this respect. He even distinguishes the common chemist from the Hermetic Chemist, (part I,. page 124), by naming the first Physici communes, and the second Chymici alii.

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