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By Christian Peskine

Peskine does not provide loads of reasons (he manages to hide on 30 pages what often takes up part a ebook) and the workouts are tricky, however the e-book is however good written, which makes it lovely effortless to learn and comprehend. prompt for everybody keen to paintings their manner via his one-line proofs ("Obvious.")!

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Let A be a UFD. Consider the matrix M cients in A. Put A, (2 ) ( ::) (2 ) (2 ) M 3. [XI Y,21 and show that the following complex is exact: 0 O+A -2 Y + -+ 4. Let R be a domain and a, b 3A A R non-zero elements. Show that the E following complex is exact: . -+ RlabR 4 RlabR 5 R/abR 4 RlabR % R/abR + ... 5. Consider the following commutative diagram of modules and homomorphisms: ... -+ MT -+ ... -+ I -+ ... NI Assume that the lines are exact and that that it induces a long exact sequence . . + coker f, -+ ...

64 A first contact with homological algebra This is ‘‘diagram chasing”. To this end consider z” E kerg”. ) and define y = g(z). Note then that z E M such that Let us focus for a while on the following special case. If Z and J are ideals of a ring A, there is a natural exact sequence w(y) = g”(z”) = 0. Hence there exists y’ E N’ such that y = ~ ( y ’ ) . It is easy to check that the class 7J’ E N‘/g’(M’) = cokerg’ of y’ does not depend on the arbitrary choice made. We define c(x”) = y’ E coker 9‘.

The arrows compose in a natural associative way and for each object E , there is an identity 1~E Hom(E, E ) which is an identity element for the composition. The category whose objects are abelian groups and whose arrows are group homomorphisms is of common use. We are interested in some of its subcategories. More precisely, we require that all objects in our categories are abelian groups, that the direct sum of two objects is an object, and that the set Hom(E, F ) is a subgroup of the group of homomorphisms from E to F .

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