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Here's a new level () method that functions as both an accessor and a mutator: sub level { my {$self, $level) = @_; $self->{level} = $level if @_ == 2; return $self->{level}; } Now it's possible to call the level() method with no arguments to receive the current value of the Ievel attribute. For example, this checks the log Ievel before callingwrite(): if ($logger->level() >= 5) { $logger->write(s, "Here's the full state of the system: " . dump_state()); } This way you can avoid calling dump_state() if the result will never be printed.

Unless $level =N /A\d+$1; $self->{level} = $level; } return $self->{level}; } It might seem convenient to allow users to simply access the hash keys directly: $logger->{level} = 100; # works, but not a good idea The problern with this isthat it breaks the encapsulation ofyour dass. You are no Ionger free to change the implementation ofBOA::Logger-you can't change the dass to use an array undemeath or change the keys ofthe hash. Also, you can't perform any checking of the value set for an attribute.

Most objects in Perl are really hashes, but it's possible to create objects based on anything you can make a reference to. Hashes are used so often for their inherent flexibility. In this case, the hash contains two keys-"fh" and "Ievel''. The "fh" key contains an open IO::File object for the log file. The "Ievel'' key is set tothedefault log Ievel of 1. Data elements kept in an object are known as the object's attributes. So far so good, but what about that last section: bless($self, $pkg); return $self; The call to bless () 13 teils Perlthat $self is an object in the package named $pkg.

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