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By Julius Firmicus Maternus

The translator, Jean Rhys Bram, writes, "Magic, philosophy, technology and theology mix in unusual methods within the contemplating the final centuries of the Roman empire..... Firmicus appeared important of be aware for plenty of purposes. he's nearly by myself as writer of works produced either earlier than and after an obvious conversion to Christianity.... He left a long instruction manual detailing the astrological practices of his day, the single paintings which has come all the way down to us in its entirety [90% entire: Holden] out of diverse astrological treatises written within the Hellenistic and Roman periods..... This handbook was once very important since it used to be the channel for astrological lore to the center a while and Renaissance." (from the Preface) one of many best of all historical astrological texts, this is often additionally one of many best-translated.

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To the north wind are subject the signs Aries, Leo, Sagittarius; to the south wind Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn; to theafeliotes (Greek, east wind­ "wind from the sun"), which we call the east wind, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius; to the south-west wind, which the Gree~s call1ibs,34 Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. XIII THE DUODECATEMORIA35 1. Now I shall briefly set forth what you want to know about the I Liber S ecundus 43 duodecatemoria. Some people think that from these the whole essence of the chart can be found and they claim that whatever is hidden in the chart can be revealed by the duodecatemoria.

It is a very faulty argument which rebuts in the later part of the discussion what it had admitted in the earlier. IX [TYPES OF HUMAN DEATH] I. What can we say of the various kinds of death? One man, when Fate compels, is hanged in a noose. Another is struck by a sword. Others are drowned in seas or rivers. Another, handed over to savage flames, is turned into cinders. One falls off a cliff, another is crushed in the ruins of a falling house. The soul of one is carried off by deadly poison. One is consumed by burning fever.

All this might happen if men did not have different appearances. The, stars bring about these differences by their combinations and mixtures of influence. 11. Some blondness has a slight tinge ofdark color. The gleam ofa little lightness brightens the dark face. A number of colors creep into the hair. The eyes are always colored with different lights. Bodies are sometimes tall, short, slender, broad, heavy, fat. It is the zones which determine who is to be dark and who light. The stars decide the varieties of shape and different mixtures of color.

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